State Youth Meet

The Youth Wing – Delhi organized a State Youth Meet on 29th September 2019. The event was attended by over 200 youth from the state (Mahila and Gents).

Various sessions like Open forum discussion, Project briefing and Vision of SSSSOindia for Swami’s century Birthday was discussed.

The main objective of the meet was to bring up old and new together and form a strong youth team to spread the Swami’s message.

Role of Sai Youth in World Crisis

There are two qualities in man. One is the Animal nature; the other is Humanness. Unfortunately man forgets his humanness by falling prey to the six enemies–lust, anger, greed, envy and others–and misusing his God-given talents. He thereby degrades himself to the level of the’ animal.

In today’s time the Sai Youth has even crucial role to guide man to use his mind, status, and talents to become virtuous, pursue the path of righteousness and strive to raise himself from the human to the Divine

Agenda Discussed

a. Progression of SSSVJ and the present Delhi NCR Statistics .
b. Think Tank team and their role in achieving the desired outcome.

National Cricket League (SSSNCL)
a. Core Purpose of SSSNCL and way forward.
b. How to make more youth come together through the spirit ofsports.

National Short Film Fest (SSSNSFF)
a. Kick start project for creating heart to heart impact and bonding.
b. Showcase the impact of Transformation taking place through SelflessLove.

Spirit of Unity Run
a Run for Values, spread message – Running with GOD is Grace
b. All Zones merge with Values at Prasanthi Nilayam.

National Leadership Programme (SSSNLP)
a. SSSSO in collaboration with SSSIHL provides a 6 month Diploma course in improving Interpersonal ,Communication and Leadership skills.
b. Individual sadhana, building future Leaders based on Swamy’s values.

National Social Media Project
a. Core purpose and Way forward discussed in brief.
b. Active and streamline social media needs to be more organised for mass outreach.

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