Paduka Pratishthapana Mahotsav

The Divine Padukas of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba were installed in Sri Sathya Sai International Center, New Delhi on 10th October, 2019.

This event was atteneded by Thousands of Devotees from all over Delhi, who had gathered to have a glimpse of Bhagwan’s  Divine Padukas, brought straight from Prashanthi Nilayam. The Program started at 7:30 AM and ran till 3 PM.

More details below;

Holy Padukas

The moment Swami’s Padukas touched the Platform, the entire  New Delhi Railway station, the silence of early morning got taken over by erupting Veda chants by the State Veda team. A scene like this was rarely seen, but a scenario common commencing the arrival of Bhagwan’s visit. A massive procession was organized which led Bhagwan’s Padukas to the Sri Sathya Sai International Center. A procession followed by Vedam chanters, Sevadals, Bhajan singers.

Program Brief

Once the Paduka’s reached Sri Sathya Sai International Center, the program followed by a video of inauguration of the  Venue by Bhagwan in 1999.

Multiple guests were invited to formally address the occasion and introduce several National activities like, RadioSai Hindi etc. The Paduka pooja started at 10:30 AM with live proceedings to all over the World via official social media channels.

The program concluded with Mangal Aarti at 1:10 PM, followed by the Prasadam and Paduka Darshan.

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