Service Wing

The service wing helps one to reach self realization through Karma Yoga (Path of Action). Self less Service activities include medical camps, Village development, Narayana Seva, blood donation, etc.

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Spiritual Wing

The spiritual wing helps one tread on the pathway to God through Bhakti Yoga (Path of devotion). Spiritual activities include devotional singing, study circles, public lectures, seminars, meditation etc.

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Education Wing

The Education Wing helps one reach self realization through ‘Gynana Yoga’ (Path of Knowledge). Education activities include Human Values Programmes, Balvikas, Study circles etc.

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SSS Central Trust

International Organization

Super Specialty Hospital


Daily meditation and prayer

Daily Meditation

To glimpse the Divine within; however, stilling the mind (the waters of the lake) is not enough – a recycling plant must be erected beside the lake to clean the water. Meditation works like that.

Participation in community service

Participation in Community Service

Bhagavan has declared, “Hands that help are holier than lips that pray”.  Devotees/members  realise that this service aspect is a part of the Divine formula for salvation and God’s Grace

Use of soft, loving speech with everyone

Soft, Loving Speech

Speech must be soft and loving. Words once uttered can never be retrieved. Hence care has to be taken to ensure that no harm is caused by our words. Scars left behind by harsh words cannot be erased. Swami says, ’You may not always oblige ,but speak obligingly’.

Devotional prayer with family members once a week

Devotional prayer with family

There is an age old axiom, “the family that prays together stays together.” Bhagavan is merely trying to remind us of this forgotten truth. In early days families used to eat together and pray together, today the notion of every man for himself seems to have crept into families too.

Regular attendance at Sai Bhajans

Attendance in Sai Bhajans

The pursuance of Bhajans   as principal sadhana, is  to still the agitations of the mind, and flush out the insects of excessive desire or lust, anger, greed, jealousy and attachment. It can lead devotees towards greater peace, expanding love and unity of vision.

Avoidance of talking ill of others.

Avoid talking ill of others

Backbiting, character assassination, falsehood about another, trying to belittle or bring down the esteem of one in the eyes of the other, is a deadly cancer that has destroyed many groups, even great movements and most certainly must be considered an anathema to any spiritual body.

Participation in Balvikas by Children of the family

Participation in Balvikas

Bal Vikas teaches about:

One’s own religious prayers, songs & hymns,

Knowledge and respect for other religions.

Human values and The life and message of Bhagavan Baba.

Regular study of Sai literature

Study of Sai Literature

All Sai devotees are expected to study the life, messages and teachings of Swami. However, the literature of all the great religions and saints should also be a part of our reading material.

Practice of the Principles of Ceiling on Desires

Practice ceiling on Desires

Do not waste Money. People who want to have a measure of peace and contentment in their lives, must have a ‘Ceiling on Desires’ … a ceiling on Food, Energy, Time and Money.

What we do

Anna Kalash

Distribution of Monthly Ration; Rice, Dal, Wheat flour, Oil, Sugar etc. to rural households in Delhi NCR.


Nagar Sankirtan

Devotional singing (in open), early morning to boost positive energy in the Environment. We do it on special occasions like Holi, MahaShivratri, Sathya Sai Baba Birthday etc.


Narayan Seva

Preparation and distribution of Prasadam like Rice, Puri, Curry etc as a Community meal in rural Delhi. We do this activity in selected Hospitals for visiting patients too.


Sai Protein

Preparation and distribution of malt powder consisting of several Pulses, Multigrains and Jaggery to help the Protein need in children and expecting mothers.


Vidya Jyothi

Our volunteer team deliver free Value based Education in schools to build a strong and capable student community. Focus is on academic and personal development.


Disaster Management

Training and deployment of a trained team in disaster relief and rescue operations during pandemic and natural calamities.


Sai Volunteers in Delhi have helped in


Students Taught


Surgeries Completed


Spectacle Distributed


Laptops Distributed