What is the main aim of the organisation? All are the sparks of the Divine. You are not the spark of the body, nor the world. You are the very atma – self. You are the spark of the Divine.

The organisation was started with the sole purpose to know this truth, share this truth with everybody all around (Sri Sathya Sai Baba)

Sri Satya Sai International Centre for Human Values is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which is a unit directly under the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam, Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh.

Frequent questions - Volunteers

What is the Purpose of this Organization?

To Help an individual, being aware of the inherent Divinity and ensure Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love & Non-violence in our daily lives.

Is there a fee to join this Organizaton?

No. There is no fees to join, neither is any discrimination on sex, caste, creed, Nationality or gender to join SSS Seva Organization.

Is there an age limit to join this Organization?

No. There is no age limit to Help the society. We welcome all age groups.

What kind of activities i can Volunteer into?

Depending upon your interest. We work in Rural teaching, Cleaning, Sanitation, Hygiene; Food preparation, distribution; Ration collection, allocation, distribution; Clothes collection, distribution; Water distribution and more. Please click on Volunteer section or write us up.

Frequent questions - Sevadal

When do we have to book tickets for Prashanthi Seva Yatra 2021

Sai Ram, the bookings usually is done in March. Please check around March 2021 for more details.

How to issue a new Identity card?

Sai Ram, the registration will be done on this website in some time. Meanwhile please get in touch with your Sevadal Coordinator for more information

When is the Phase 3 Sevadal training?

Sai Ram, more details will be shared with you post the COVOD-19 lockdown lifts up.

How to share Seva images on the Saidelhi portal?

Sai Ram, a link will be shared with you soon.


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